A Strong Voice for Students and Youth

The GAPS Initiative  places current and future students and youth at the core of efforts to improve access to, and success in, post-secondary education worldwide.

Our student and youth initiatives are currently led by Florian Kaiser, who was the representative of the European Student Union on the Executive Committee of the European Access Network 2012-2013. Contact Florian

Student and Youth Ambassadors

During 2012-2013 we appointed ‘Student and Youth Ambassadors’ in many regions of the world.

These Ambassadors worked in their local region to create interest and enthusiasm for the work of the congress, encourage participation in activities and events and to enable participation by raising funds and securing sponsorship. They also organised local events or projects.

For the world congress 2015 we are working with student and youth organisations. Further details will be announced during 2014.

World Congress Scholars 2012 - 2013

Our ‘World Congress Scholar’ program supported a small number of students and young people from around the world to carry out research projects on access issues in their local region .  Award recipients for 2012-2013 presented their projects during the Montreal 2013 Congress.

Click the tab on the left to find out more about our scholars and their projects.

See a short video created by Francis Oko Armah, our world congress scholar in Ghana.

See a short video created by Dhiroj Prasad Koirala, our world congress scholar in Nepal.


More scholars' videos and reports  will be available here shortly.






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